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> > > Also keep in mind that if you have an SLOG (ZIL on a separate
> > > device), and then lose this SLOG (disk crash etc), you will probably
> > > lose the pool. So if you want/need SLOG, you probably want two of
> > > them in a mirror…
> >
> > That's only true on older versions of ZFS. ZFSv19 (or 20?) includes
> > the ability to import a pool with a failed/missing log device. You
> > lose any data that is in the log and not in the pool, but the pool is
> > importable.
> Are you sure? I booted this v28 pool a couple of months back, and found it
> didn't recognize its pool, apparently because of a missing SLOG. It turned out
> the cache shelf was disconnected, after re-connecting it, things worked as
> planned. I didn't try to force a new import, though, but it didn't boot up
> normally, and told me it couldn't import its pool due to lack of SLOG devices.

You're not saying contradictory things.  You're both saying the same thing.  ;-)

If your slog is unavailable at mount time, then the system has no way to know 
if you had previously written anything to slog without flushing to primary 
storage.  So by default it will refuse to mount.  But as Freddie said, you can 
force the import.  If you had any writes queued up in the slog, those writes 
will be lost, but the pool is not lost.  Only the most recent few seconds of 
sync writes.
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