I understand that some participants would prefer to keep their participation
non-public, and so I do not expect the Group to have a home page at this time.

In the absence of a web page, please can we list here the individual and 
organisational members who are *happy* for their membership to be known?

This should not defocus from technical discussion, neither it is intended to 
detract from this list. However I do see people wondering about membership – 
especially since the transfer of ZEVO – so a publicly available shortlist will 
be useful. 

Thank you. 


What's below is gleaned mostly from 
    Illumos: the successor to the OpenSolaris community [LWN.net]
    <http://lwn.net/Articles/445793/> (2011-06-02), highlights at 

Elsewhere I see other well-known names mentioned, but it's not clear whether 
they're members of the Group. 

I have so far, in alphabetical order by forename or name of organisation: 

Adam Leventhal
Garrett D'Amore
Matthew (Matt) Ahrens
representatives of FreeBSD
representatives of Linux
representatives of OpenIndiana
representatives of Solaris
Ten's Complement LLC
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