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> Hello,
> I recently rebooted my workstation and the disk names changed causing my ZFS 
> pool to be unavailable.
> I did not make any hardware changes?  My first question is the obvious?  Did 
> I loose my data?  Can I recover it?
> What would cause the names to change? Delay in the order that the HBA brought 
> them up?
> How can I correct this problem going forward?
> Thanks - - - JesseJ

Perhaps some removable drives caused the change in drive names?
Regardless, I believe ZFS stores labels on each disk and is clever
enough to figure out what is what even if the operating system name
has changed.

If I recall correctly, a zpool export (if possible) followed by a
zpool import has always corrected this for me.

Barring an actual disk failure (which could have failed to enumerate
therefore throwing off naming) your data should be safe.

--khd (mobile)
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