On Aug 1, 2012, at 8:04 AM, Jesse Jamez wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently rebooted my workstation and the disk names changed causing my ZFS 
> pool to be unavailable.

What OS and release?

> I did not make any hardware changes?  My first question is the obvious?  Did 
> I loose my data?  Can I recover it?

Yes, just import the pool.

> What would cause the names to change? Delay in the order that the HBA brought 
> them up?

It depends on your OS and OBP (or BIOS).

> How can I correct this problem going forward?

The currently imported pool configurations are recorded in the 
file for Solaris-like OSes. At boot time, the system will try to import the 
pools in the
cache. If the cache contents no longer match reality for non-root pools, then 
safest action is to not automatically import the pool. An error message is 
and should point to a website that tells you how to correct this (NB, depending 
on the
OS, that URL may or may not exist at Oracle (nee Sun))
 -- richard

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