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Well, there is at least a couple of failure scenarios where
copies>1 are good:

1) A single-disk pool, as in a laptop. Noise on the bus,
     media degradation, or any other reason to misread or
     miswrite a block can result in a failed pool.

How does mac/win/lin handle this situation?  (Not counting btrfs.)

Such noise might result in a temporarily faulted pool (blue screen of death) 
that is fully recovered after reboot.

In some of my cases I was "lucky" enough to get a corrupted /sbin/init
or something like that once, and the box had no other BE's yet, so the
OS could not do anything reasonable after boot. It is different from a
"corrupted zpool", but ended in a useless OS image due to one broken
sector nonetheless.

> Meanwhile you're always paying for it in terms of performance, and it's all solvable via pool redundancy.

For a single-disk box, "copies" IS the redundancy. ;)

The discussion did stray off from my original question, though ;)

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