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> In some of my cases I was "lucky" enough to get a corrupted /sbin/init
> or something like that once, and the box had no other BE's yet, so the
> OS could not do anything reasonable after boot. It is different from a
> "corrupted zpool", but ended in a useless OS image due to one broken
> sector nonetheless.

That's very annoying, but if "copies" could have saved you, then pool 
redundancy could have also saved you.

> For a single-disk box, "copies" IS the redundancy. ;)

Ok, so the point is, in some cases, somebody might want redundancy on a device 
that has no redundancy.  They're willing to pay for it by halving their 
performance.  The only situation I'll acknowledge is the laptop situation, and 
I'll say, present day very few people would be willing to pay *that* much for 
this limited use-case redundancy.  The solution that I as an IT person would 
recommend and deploy would be to run without "copies" and instead cover you bum 
by doing backups.
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