On 08/07/2012 12:12 AM, Christopher George wrote:
>> Is your DDRdrive product still supported and moving?
> Yes, we now exclusively target ZIL acceleration.
> We will be at the upcoming OpenStorage Summit 2012,
> and encourage those attending to stop by our booth and
> say hello :-)
> http://www.openstoragesummit.org/
>> Is it well supported for Illumos?
> Yes!  Customers using Illumos derived distros make-up a
> good portion of our customer base.

How come I haven't seen new products coming from you guys? I mean, the
X1 is past 3 years old and some improvements would be sort of expected
in that timeframe. Off the top of my head, I'd welcome things such as:

 *) Increased capacity for high-volume applications.

 *) Remove the requirement to have an external UPS (couple of
    supercaps? microbattery?)

 *) Use cheaper MLC flash to lower cost - it's only written to in case
    of a power outage, anyway so lower write cycles aren't an issue and
    modern MLC is almost as fast as SLC at sequential IO (within 10%

 *) PCI Express 3.0 interface (perhaps even x4)

 *) Soldered-on DRAM to create a true low-profile card (the current DIMM
    slots look like a weird dirty hack).

 *) At least updated benchmarks your site to compare against modern
    flash-based competition (not the Intel X25-E, which is seriously
    stone age by now...)

 *) Lower price, lower price, lower price.
    I can get 3-4 200GB OCZ Talos-Rs for $2k FFS. That means I could
    equip my machine with one to two mirrored slogs and nearly 800GB
    worth of L2ARC for the price of a single X1.

I mean this as constructive criticism, not as angry bickering. I totally
respect you guys doing your own thing.

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