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> Jim Klimov <jimkli...@cos.ru> wrote:
> > In the end, the open-sourced ZFS community got no public replies
> > from Oracle regarding collaboration or lack thereof, and decided
> > to part ways and implement things independently from Oracle.
> > AFAIK main ZFS development converges in illumos-gate, contributed
> > to by some OpenSolaris-derived distros and being the upstream for
> > FreeBSD port of ZFS (probably others too).
> To me it seems that the "open-sourced ZFS community" is not open, or could
> you
> point me to their mailing list archives?

The last publicly released under opensolaris zpool version, v28, is 
incorporated into illumos / openindiana / nexenta / etc.  Jim is talking about 
how Oracle closed-source after v28, and never issued any public statement 
confirming or denying that they were going closed-source.  They just never 
released any source anymore.  So the community spun off with the latest open 
source code, and there it is...

Since that time, open source ZFS development has continued, but not at the same 
rate and not in the same direction as the oracle closed-source.

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