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>2012-08-09 13:57, Karl Wagner wrote:
>> Firstly, I believe it currently stands at zpool v28. Is this correct?

For FreeBSD 8.x and 9.x, yes.  FreeBSD-head includes "feature flags"
and "com.delphix:async_destroy".

>> Will this be updated any time soon?

I expect 8-stable and 9-stable will be update to match -head once
FreeBSD 9.1 is released (ie 9.1 won't support feature flags but 9.2
and a potential 8.4 will).  In general, FreeBSD imports ZFS fixes and
enhancements, generally from Illumos, as they become available.  The
Oracle v29 and later updates won't be available in FreeBSD unless they
are open-sourced by Oracle.

>New features in the works include modernized compression and
>checksum algorithms, among others. Nominal zpool version is 5000
>for pools which enabled feature flags, and that is currently
>supported by oi_151a5 prebuilt distro (I don't know of other
>builds with that - feature integrated into code this summer).

FreeBSD-head does.

Peter Jeremy

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