I am running NexentaOS_134f

This is really weird, but I for some reason the defer_destroy property is being set on new snapshots and I can't turn it off. Normally it should be enabled when using the zfs destroy -d command. The property doesn't seem to be inherited from anywhere.

It seems to have just started happening.

Here are the steps showing how it works. Really, it is working as expected, but the property shouldn't be set on creation.

Create snapshot:
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs snapshot groklab/ws08r2-U2037@5
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs get defer_destroy | grep U2037\@5
groklab/ws08r2-U2037@5                   defer_destroy on             -

Create a clone:
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs clone groklab/ws08r2-U2037@5 groklab/test2
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs list -t all | grep test2
groklab/test2                                0   886G  11.6G  -

The snapshot is still there:
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs list -t all | grep U2037\@5
groklab/ws08r2-U2037@5                       0      -  11.6G  -

Destroy the clone:
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs destroy groklab/test2

Snapshot is gone:
root@grok-zfs1:~# zfs list -t all | grep U2037\@5


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