I send a replication data stream from one host to another. (and receive).
I discovered that after receiving, I need to remove the auto-snapshot property 
on the receiving side, and set the readonly property on the receiving side, to 
prevent accidental changes (including auto-snapshots.)

Question #1:  Actually, do I need to remove the auto-snapshot on the receiving 
side?  Or is it sufficient to simply set the readonly property?  Will the 
readonly property prevent auto-snapshots from occurring?

So then, sometime later, I want to send an incremental replication stream.  I 
need to name an incremental source snap on the sending side...  which needs to 
be the latest matching snap that exists on both sides.

Question #2:  What's the best way to find the latest matching snap on both the 
source and destination?  At present, it seems, I'll have to build a list of 
sender snaps, and a list of receiver snaps, and parse and search them, till I 
find the latest one that exists in both.  For shell scripting, this is very 

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