Hello all,

  With original "old" ZFS iSCSI implementation there was
a "shareiscsi" property for the zvols to be shared out,
and I believe all configuration pertinent to the iSCSI
server was stored in the pool options (I may be wrong,
but I'd expect that given that ZFS-attribute-based
configs were deigned to atomically import and share
pools over various protocols like CIFS and NFS).

  With COMSTAR which is more advanced and performant,
all configs seem to be in the OS config files and/or
SMF service properties - not in the pool in question.

  Does this mean that importing a pool with iSCSI zvols
on a fresh host (LiveCD instance on the same box, or
via failover of shared storage to a different host)
will not be able to automagically share the iSCSI
targets the same way as they were known in the initial
OS that created and shared them - not until an admin
defines the same LUNs and WWN numbers and such, manually?

  Is this a correct understanding (and does the problem
exist indeed), or do I (hopefully) miss something?

//Jim Klimov
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