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> Hello all,
>  With original "old" ZFS iSCSI implementation there was
> a "shareiscsi" property for the zvols to be shared out,
> and I believe all configuration pertinent to the iSCSI
> server was stored in the pool options (I may be wrong,
> but I'd expect that given that ZFS-attribute-based
> configs were deigned to atomically import and share
> pools over various protocols like CIFS and NFS).
>  With COMSTAR which is more advanced and performant,
> all configs seem to be in the OS config files and/or
> SMF service properties - not in the pool in question.
>  Does this mean that importing a pool with iSCSI zvols
> on a fresh host (LiveCD instance on the same box, or
> via failover of shared storage to a different host)
> will not be able to automagically share the iSCSI
> targets the same way as they were known in the initial
> OS that created and shared them - not until an admin
> defines the same LUNs and WWN numbers and such, manually?
>  Is this a correct understanding (and does the problem
> exist indeed), or do I (hopefully) miss something?

That is pretty much how it works, with one small wrinkle -- the
configuration is stored in SMF. So you can either do it the hard
way (by hand), use a commercially-available HA solution
(eg. RSF-1 from high-availability.com), or use SMF export/import.
 -- richard

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