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My first thought was everything is
hitting in ARC, but that is clearly not the case, since it WAS gradually filling up
the cache device.

When things become colder in the ARC, they expire to the L2ARC (or simply expire, bypassing the L2ARC). So it's normal to start filling the L2ARC, even if you never hit anything in the L2ARC.

Got me wondering: how many reads of a block from spinning rust
suffice for it to ultimately get into L2ARC? Just one so it
gets into a recent-read list of the ARC and then expires into
L2ARC when ARC RAM is more needed for something else, and only
when that L2ARC fills up does the block expire from these caches

Good question. I don't remember if I posted my final status, but I put in 2 128GB SSDs and it's hitting them just fine. The working set seems to be right on 110GB.
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