2012-10-03 14:40, Ray Arachelian пишет:
On 10/03/2012 05:54 AM, Jim Klimov wrote:
Hello all,

   It was often asked and discussed on the list about "how to
change rpool HDDs from AHCI to IDE mode" and back, with the
modern routine involving reconfiguration of the BIOS, bootup
from separate live media, simple import and export of the
rpool, and bootup from the rpool. The documented way is to
reinstall the OS upon HW changes. Both are inconvenient to
say the least.

Any chance to touch /reconfigure, power off, then change the BIOS
settings and reboot, like in the old days?   Or maybe with passing -r
and optionally -s and -v from grub like the old way we used to
reconfigure Solaris?

Tried that, does not help. Adding forceloads to /etc/system
and remaking the boot archive - also no.

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