2012-10-03 16:04, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
On Ubuntu + zfsonlinux + root/boot on zfs, the boot script helper is
"smart" enough to try all available device nodes, so it wouldn't
matter if the dev path/id/name changed. But ONLY if there's no
zpool.cache in the initramfs.

Not sure how easy it would be to port that functionality to solaris.

Thanks, I thought of zpool.cache too, but it is only listed in
/boot/solaris/filelist.safe which ironically still exists -
though proper failsafe archives are not generated anymore.
Even returning them would be a huge step forward in - a locally
hosted self-sufficient interactive mini OS image in an archive
unpacked and booted by GRUB indepependently of Solaris's view
of the hardware is much simpler than external live media...

Unfortunately, so far I didn't see ways of fixing the boot
procedure short of hacking the binaries by compiling new ones,
i.e. I did not find any easily changeable scripted logic.
I digress, I did not yet look much further than unpacking
the boot archive file itself and inspecting the files there.
There's even no binaries in it, which I'm afraid means the
logic is in the kernel monofile... :(

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