I have the same issue as described by Ned in his email.  I had a zfs
recv going that deadlocked against a zfs list; after a day of leaving
them hung I finally had to hard reset the box (shutdown wouldn't, since
it couldn't terminate the processes).  When it came back up, I wanted to
zfs destroy that last snapshot but I got the dreaded

cannot destroy 'export/upload@partial-2012-10-01_08:00:00': snapshot is

but there are no clones:

root@ms8 # zdb -d export/upload | grep '%'
root@ms8 #

and an attempt to remove what the clone ought to be fails:

zfs destroy export/upload/%partial-2012-10-01_08:00:00
cannot open 'export/upload/%partial-2012-10-01_08:00:00': dataset does
not exist

This isn't opensolaris, it's SunOS 5.10 Generic_142901-06 from before
Oracle took it over, but that's not going to make any difference as to
the bug, I think.  Any ideas?

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