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> I have the same issue as described by Ned in his email.  I had a zfs
> recv going that deadlocked against a zfs list; after a day of leaving
> them hung I finally had to hard reset the box (shutdown wouldn't, since
> it couldn't terminate the processes).  When it came back up, I wanted to
> zfs destroy that last snapshot but I got the dreaded

For what it's worth - that is precisely the behavior I saw.  No "zfs" or 
"zpool" commands would return, and eventually the system hung badly enough I 
had to power cycle.  And afterward, I was unable to destroy either the 
filesystem, the snapshot, or any clones.  I posted here, didn't get any 
response...  And at some point, I "zfs send" my filesystem somewhere else, 
destroy & recreate the pool, "zfs send" the filesystem back.


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