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> Hi,
> I have a machine whose zpools are at version 28, and I would like to
> keep them at that version for portability between OSes. I understand
> that 'zpool status' asks me to upgrade, but so does 'zpool status -x'
> (the man page says it should only report errors or unavailability).
> This is a problem because I have a script that assumes "zpool status
> -x" only returns errors requiring user intervention.

The return code for zpool is ambiguous. Do not rely upon it to determine
if the pool is healthy. You should check the health property instead.

> Is there a way to either:
> A) suppress the upgrade notice from 'zpool status -x' ?

Pedantic answer, it is open source ;-)

> B) use a different command to get information about actual errors
> w/out encountering the upgrade notice ?
> I'm using OpenIndiana 151a6 on x86.

 -- richard



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