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> >> ioctl(3, ZFS_IOC_OBJECT_STATS, 0xF706BBB0)
> >>
> >> The system boots up fine in the original BE.  The root (only) pool in a
> >> single drive.
> >>
> >> Any ideas?
> > devfsadm -Cv
> > rm /etc/zfs/zpool.cache
> > init 6
> >
> That was a big enough stick to fix it.  Nasty bug none the less.

I wonder what caused it?
The ioctl error suggests inability to access some device.  Hence the devfsadm 
and rm zpool.cache.  Force the system to search for devices anew.  

What did you upgrade from?  Perhaps in your old system, you had pools made of 
c0t0d0 and so forth, while in sol 11, the devices all became multipath?  If so, 
I would expect the upgrader to be smart enough to do the devfsadm for you, and 
rebuild the zpool.cache.

Anyway, glad you got out of the woods.

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