Morning all...

I have a Dedicated server in a data center in Germany, and it has 2 3TB
drives, but only software RAID. I have got them to install VMWare ESXi and
so far everything is going ok... I have the 2 drives as standard data

But i am paranoid... So, i installed Nexenta as a VM, gave it a small disk
to boot off and 2 1Tb disks on separate physical drives... I have created a
mirror pool and shared it with VMWare over NFS and copied my ISOs to this

So, 2 questions:

1: If you where given the same hardware, what would you do? (RAID card is
an extra EUR30 or so a month, which i don't really want to spend, but
could, if needs be...)
2: should i mirror the boot drive for the VM?

Tiernan O'Toole
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