Do you move the pools between machines, or just on the same physical machine?  
Could you just use symlinks from the new root to the old root so that the names 
work until you can reboot?  It might be more practical to always use symlinks 
if you do a lot of moving things around, and then you wouldn't have to figure 
out how to do the reboot shuffle.  Instead, you could just shuffle the symlinks.

Gregg Wonderly

On Nov 9, 2012, at 10:47 AM, Jim Klimov <> wrote:

> There are times when ZFS options can not be applied at the moment,
> i.e. changing desired mountpoints of active filesystems (or setting
> a mountpoint over a filesystem location that is currently not empty).
> Such attempts now bail out with messages like:
> cannot unmount '/var/adm': Device busy
> cannot mount '/export': directory is not empty
> and such.
> Is it possible to force the new values to be saved into ZFS dataset
> properties, so they do take effect upon next pool import?
> I currently work around the harder of such situations with a reboot
> into a different boot environment or even into a livecd/failsafe,
> just so that the needed datasets or paths won't be "busy" and so I
> can set, verify and apply these mountpoint values. This is not a
> convenient way to do things :)
> Thanks,
> //Jim Klimov
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