On 2012-11-09 18:06, Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> Do you move the pools between machines, or just on the same physical machine? Could you just use symlinks from the new root to the old root so that the names work until you can reboot? It might be more practical to always use symlinks if you do a lot of moving things around, and then you wouldn't have to figure out how to do the reboot shuffle. Instead, you could just shuffle the symlinks.

No, this concerns datasets within the machine. And symlinks often
don't cut it. For example, I've recently needed to switch '/var'
from an automounted filesystem dataset into a legacy one with the
mount from /etc/vfstab. I can't set the different mountpoint value
(legacy) while the OS is up and using the 'var', and I don't seem
to have a way to do this during reboot automatically (short of
crafting an SMF script that would fire early in the boot sequence -
but that's a workaround outside ZFS technology, as is using the
livecd or a failsafe boot or another BE).

A different example is that sometimes uncareful works with beadm
leave the root dataset with a non='/' mountpoint attribute. While
the proper rootfs is forced to mount at the root node, it is not
"clean" to have the discrepancy. However, I can not successfully
"zfs set mountpoint=/ rpool/ROOT/bename" while booted into this BE.

Forcing the attribute to save the value I need, so it takes effect
after reboot - that's what I am asking for (if that was not clear
from my first post).

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