On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 1:35 AM, Brian Wilson
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> So it depends on your setup. In your case if it's at all painful to grow the 
> LUNs, what I'd probably do is allocate new 4TB LUNs - and replace your 2TB 
> LUNs with them one at a time with zpool replace, and wait for the resliver to 
> finish each time. With autoexpansion on,

Yup, that's the gotcha. AFAIK autoexpand is off by default. You should
be able to use "zpool online -e" to force the expansion though.

> you should get the additional capacity as soon as the resliver for each one 
> is done, and the old 2TB LUNs should be reclaimable as soon as it's 
> reslivered out.

Minor correction: the additional capacity is only usable after a top
level vdev is completely replaced. In case of stripe-of-mirrors, this
is as soon as all vdev in one mirror is replaced. In the case of
raidzX, this is when all vdev is replaced.

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