Hi folks,

I'm in the market for a couple of JBODs.  Up until now I've been relatively 
lucky with finding hardware that plays very nicely with ZFS.  All my gear 
currently in production uses LSI SAS controllers (3801e, 9200-16e, 9211-8i) 
with backplanes powered by LSI SAS expanders (Sun x4250, Sun J4400, etc).  But 
I'm in the market for SAS2 JBODs to support a large number 3.5inch SAS disks 
(60+ 3TB disks to start).

I'm aware of potential issues with SATA drives/interposers and the whole SATA 
Tunneling Protocol (STP) nonsense, so I'm going to stick to a pure SAS setup.  
Also, since I've had trouble with in the past with daisy-chained SAS JBODs I'll 
probably stick with one SAS 4x cable (SFF8088) per JBOD and unless there were a 
compelling reason for multi-pathing I'd probably stick to a single controller.  
If possible I'd rather buy 20 packs of enterprise SAS disks with 5yr warranties 
and have the JBOD come with empty trays, but would also consider buying disks 
with the JBOD if the price wasn't too crazy.

Does anyone have any positive/negative experiences with any of the following 
with ZFS: 
 * SuperMicro SC826E16-R500LPB (2U 12 drives, dual 500w PS, single LSI SAS2X28 
 * SuperMicro SC846BE16-R920B (4U 24 drives, dual 920w PS, single unknown 
 * Dell PowerVault MD 1200 (2U 12 drives, dual 600w PS, dual unknown expanders)
 * HP StorageWorks D2600 (2U 12 drives, dual 460w PS, single/dual unknown 

I'm leaning towards the SuperMicro stuff, but every time I order SuperMicro 
gear there's always something missing or wrongly configured so some of the cost 
savings gets eaten up with my time figuring out where things went wrong and 
returning/ordering replacements.  The Dell/HP gear I'm sure is fine, but buying 
disks from them gets pricey quick. The last time I looked they charged $150 
extra per disk for when the only added value was a proprietary sled a shorter 
warranty (3yr vs 5yr).

I'm open to other JBOD vendors too, was just really just curious what folks 
were using when they needed more than two dozen 3.5" SAS disks for use with ZFS.

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