On 11/16/2012 07:15 PM, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> I have been tracking down a problem with "zfs diff" that reveals
> itself variously as a hang (unkillable process), panic or error,
> depending on the ZFS kernel version but seems to be caused by
> corruption within the pool. I am using FreeBSD but the issue looks to
> be generic ZFS, rather than FreeBSD-specific.
> The hang and panic are related to the rw_enter() in
> opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zap.c:zap_get_leaf_byblk()
> The error is:
> Unable to determine path or stats for object 2128453 in
tank/beckett/home@20120518: Invalid argument

Is the pool importing properly at least?  Maybe you can create another
volume and transfer the data over for that volume, then destroy it?

There are special things you can do with import where you can roll back
to a certain txg on the import if you know the damage is recent.

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