after a flaky 8-drive Linux RAID10 just shredded about 2 TByte worth
of my data at home (conveniently just before I could make
a backup) I've decided to both go full redundancy as well as
all zfs at home.

A couple questions: is there a way to make WD20EFRX (2 TByte, 4k
sectors) and WD200FYPS (4k internally, reported as 512 Bytes?) 
work well together on a current OpenIndiana? Which parameters
need I give the zfs pool in regards to alignment? 

Or should I just give up, and go 4x WD20EFRX?

Secondly, has anyone managed to run OpenIndiana on an AMD E-350
(MSI E350DM-E33)? If it doesn't work, my only options would
be all-in-one with ESXi, FreeNAS, or zfs on Linux.

-- Eugen
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