On 2012-11-21 16:45, Eugen Leitl wrote:
Thanks, this is great to know. The box will be headless, and
run in text-only mode. I have an Intel NIC in there, and don't
intend to use the Realtek port for anything serious.

My laptop based on AMD E2 VISION integrated CPU and Realtek Gigabit
had intermittent problems with rge driver (intr count went to
about 100k/sec and X11 locked up until I disconnected the LAN),
but these diminished or disappeared after I switched to "gani"
driver (source available from internet).

OI lacks support for the Radeon chips in my CPU (works as vesavga).
And USB3.

I intend to boot off USB flash stick, and runn OI with napp-it.
8 GByte RAM, unfortunately not ECC, but it will do for a secondary
SOHO NAS, as data is largely read-only.

Theoretically, if memory has a hiccup while scrub verifies your
disks, it can cause phantom checksum mismatches to be detected.
I am not sure about timing of reads and other events involved
in further reconstitution of the data - whether the recovery
attempt will use the re-read (and possibly correct) sector data
or if it will continue based on invalid buffer contents.

I guess ZFS being on the safe side should double-check the found
discrepancies and those sectors it's going to use to recover a
block, at least of the kernel knows it is on non-ECC RAM (if it
does), but I don't know if it really does that. (Worthy RFE if not).

//Jim Klimov

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