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> On 2012-11-30 15:52, Tomas Forsman wrote:
>> On 30 November, 2012 - Albert Shih sent me these 0,8K bytes:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I would like to knwon if with ZFS it's possible to do something like that :
>>>     http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/removeadisk.html
> Removing a disk - no, one still can not reduce the amount of devices
> in a zfs pool nor change raidzN redundancy levels (you can change
> single disks to mirrors and back), nor reduce disk size.
> As Tomas wrote, you can increase the disk size by replacing smaller
> ones with bigger ones.

.. unless you're hit by 512b/4k sector crap. I don't have it readily at
hand how to check the ashift value on a vdev, anyone

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