Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
On Sat, 1 Dec 2012, Jan Owoc wrote:

When I would like to change the disk, I also would like change the disk
enclosure, I don't want to use the old one.

You didn't give much detail about the enclosure (how it's connected,
how many disk bays it has, how it's used etc.), but are you able to
power off the system and transfer the all the disks at once?

And what happen if I have 24, 36 disks to change ? It's take mounth to do

Those are the current limitations of zfs. Yes, with 12x2TB of data to
copy it could take about a month.

You can create a brand new pool with the new chassis and use 'zfs send' to send a full snapshot of each filesystem to the new pool. After the bulk of the data has been transferred, take new snapshots and send the remainder. This expects that both pools can be available at once.

or if you don't care about existing snapshots, use Shadow Migration to move the data across.

Andrew Gabriel
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