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It is using Solaris Zones and throttling their disk usage on that level,
so you separate workload processes on separate zones.
Or even put KVM machines under the zones (Joyent and OI support Joyent-written 
KVM/Intel implementation in Illumos)  for the same reason of I/O throttling.

They (Joyent) say that their solution is made in not too much code, but gives 
very good results (they run massive cloud computing service, with many zones 
and KVM VM's so they might know).

There is short video from 16th minute onward, from BayLISA meetup at Joyent, 
August 16, 2012
Talking about ZFS Throttle implementation architecture in Illumos , from 
Joyent's Smartos.
There was a good presentation on this at the OpenStorage Summit in 2011.
Look for it on youtube.

I learned it is also available in Entic.net-sponsored Openindiana
and probably in Nexenta, too, since it is implemented inside Illumos.
NexentaStor 3.x is not an illumos-based distribution, it is based on OpenSolaris
Oh yes, but I had Nexenta in general in mind, where NexentaStor community edition is based on Illumos. GDAmore (Illumos founder) is from Nexenta after all.
It is good one can get support/storage from Nexenta.
And it is alive thing, developing, future etc.

And looking at OpenStorage Summit, i forget mentioning Delphix , having also developer previously in Sun , and selling software appliances.

Last info I got about Illumos is that this kind of enhancements to Ilumos does not go set automatically upstream to Illumos, but it is on distributions to choose what to include.

And yes. there are summits:

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