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>This product only makes sense if you're trying to run OpenIndiana on a
>Mac Pro, which in my experience is more trouble than it's worth, but to
>each their own I guess.

I could make a case for it in some other environments. Say you're using a
SuperMicro 4U chassis with 24x3.5" drives split into two zpools and you'd
like to use SSDs for L2ARC and ZIL. If you mirror each ZIL and use single
drives for each L2ARC, that's 6 drive bays you'd be sacrificing-- or you
could use 3 PCI slots, which might be available depending on your
configuration, and lets you combine nearline SAS hard drives (to play
nicely with SAS expanders) and SATA SSDs (because SAS SSDs are painfully

Obviously, this all depends on the controller in use on the cards-- I'll
probably be getting one to play with in the Jan-Feb timeframe, but as of
now I have no knowledge of that subject.
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