On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 06:28:17PM -0500, Peter Tripp wrote:
> HI Eugen,
> Whether it's compatible entirely depends on the chipset of the SATA 
> controller.

This is what I was trying to find out. I guess I just have to 
test it empirically.
> Basically that card is just a dual port 6gbps PCIe SATA controller with the 
> space to mount one ($149) or two ($299) 2.5inch disks.  Sonnet, a mac focused 
> company, offers it as a way to better utilize existing Mac Pros already in 
> the field without an external box.  Mac Pros only have 3gbps SATA2 and a 
> 4x3.5inch drive backplane, but nearly all have a free full-length PCIe slot.  
> This product only makes sense if you're trying to run OpenIndiana on a Mac 
> Pro, which in my experience is more trouble than it's worth, but to each 
> their own I guess. 

My application is to stick 2x SSDs into a SunFire X2100 M2,
without resorting to splicing into power cables and mounting
SSD in random location with double-side sticky tape. Depending
on hardware support I'll either run OpenIndiana or Linux
with a zfs hybrid pool (2x SATA drives as mirrored pool).
> If you can confirm the chipset you might get lucky and have it be a supported 
> chip.  The big chip is labelled PLX, but I can't read the markings and wasn't 
> aware PLX made any PCIe SATA controllers (PCIe and USB/SATA bridges sure, but 
> not straight controllers) so that may not even be the chip we care about. 
> http://www.profil-marketing.com/uploads/tx_lipresscenter/Sonnet_Tempo_SSD_Pro_01.jpg

Eiter way I'll know the hardware support situation soon
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