> We have found mbuffer to be the fastest solution.   Our rates for large
> transfers on 10GbE are:
> 280MB/s    mbuffer
> 220MB/s    rsh
> 180MB/s    HPN-ssh unencrypted
>  60MB/s     standard ssh
> The tradeoff mbuffer is a little more complicated to script;   rsh is,
> well, you know;  and hpn-ssh requires rebuilding ssh and (probably)
> maintaining a second copy of it.
>      -- Trey Palmer
> ________________________________________

In 10GbE env, even 280MB/s is not a so decent result. Maybe the alternative 
be a two-step way. Putting snapshots via NFS/iSCSI and receiving them locally.
But that is not perfect. 
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