On Fri, Dec 14 at  9:29, Fred Liu wrote:

We have found mbuffer to be the fastest solution.   Our rates for large
transfers on 10GbE are:

280MB/s    mbuffer
220MB/s    rsh
180MB/s    HPN-ssh unencrypted
 60MB/s     standard ssh

The tradeoff mbuffer is a little more complicated to script;   rsh is,
well, you know;  and hpn-ssh requires rebuilding ssh and (probably)
maintaining a second copy of it.

     -- Trey Palmer

In 10GbE env, even 280MB/s is not a so decent result. Maybe the alternative 
be a two-step way. Putting snapshots via NFS/iSCSI and receiving them locally.
But that is not perfect.

Even with infinite wire speed, you're bound by the ability of the
source server to generate the snapshot stream and the ability of the
destination server to write the snapshots to the media.

Our little servers in-house using ZFS don't read/write that fast when
pulling snapshot contents off the disks, since they're essentially
random access on a server that's been creating/deleting snapshots for
a long time.


Eric D. Mudama

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