Hi Sol,

The appliance is affected as well.

I apologize. The MOS article is for internal diagnostics.

I'll provide a set of steps to identify this problem
as soon as I understand them better.

Thanks, Cindy

On 12/18/12 05:27, sol wrote:
    *From:* Cindy Swearingen <cindy.swearin...@oracle.com>
    No doubt. This is a bad bug and we apologize.
    1. If you are running Solaris 11 or Solaris 11.1 and have separate
    cache devices, you should remove them to avoid this problem.

How is the 7000-series storage appliance affected?

    2. A MOS knowledge article (1497293.1) is available to help diagnose
    this problem.

MOS isn't able to find this article when I search for it.

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