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>> Illumos is not so good at dealing with huge memory systems but perhaps
>> it is also more stable as well.
> Well, I guess that it depends on your environment, but generally I would
> expect S11 to be more stable if only because the sheer amount of bugs
> reported by paid customers and bug fixes by Oracle that Illumos is not
> getting (lack of resource, limited usage, etc.).

There is a two-edged sword. Software reliability analysis shows that the 
most reliable software is the software that is oldest and unchanged. But 
people also want new functionality. So while Oracle has more changes
being implemented in Solaris, it is destabilizing while simultaneously
improving reliability. Unfortunately, it is hard to get both wins. What is more
likely is that new features are being driven into Solaris 11 that are 
destabilizing. By contrast, the number of new features being added to
illumos-gate (not to be confused with illumos-based distros) is relatively
modest and in all cases are not gratuitous.
 -- richard



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