We're trying out a new JBOD here.  Multipath (mpxio) is not working,
and we could use some feedback and/or troubleshooting advice.

The OS is oi151a7, running on an existing server with a 54TB pool
of internal drives.  I believe the server hardware is not relevant
to the JBOD issue, although the internal drives do appear to the
OS with multipath device names (despite the fact that these
internal drives are cabled up in a single-path configuration).  If
anything, this does confirm that multipath is enabled in mpt_sas.conf
via the mpxio-disable="no" directive (internal HBA's are LSI SAS,
2x 9201-16i and 1x 9211-8i).

The JBOD is a SuperMicro 847E26-RJBOD1, with the front backplane
daisy-chained to the rear backplane (both expanders).  Each of the two
expander chains is connected to one port of an LSI SAS 9200-8e HBA.  So
far, all this hardware has appeared as working for others and well-supported,
and this 9200-8e is running the -IT firmware, version

The drives are 40x of the WD4001FYYG SAS 4TB variety, firmware VR02.
The spot-checks I've done so far seem to show that both device instances
of a drive show up in "prtconf -Dv" with identical serial numbers and
identical "devid" and "guid" values, so I'm not sure what might be
missing to allow mpxio to recognize them as the same device.

Has anyone out there got this type of hardware working?  In a multipath
configuration?  Suggestions on mdb or dtrace code I can use to debug?
Are there "secrets" to the internal daisy-chain cabling that our vendor
is not aware of?

Thanks and regards,


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