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> Greetings,
> We're trying out a new JBOD here.  Multipath (mpxio) is not working,
> and we could use some feedback and/or troubleshooting advice.

Sometimes the mpxio detection doesn't work properly. You can try to
whitelist them,

 -- richard

> The OS is oi151a7, running on an existing server with a 54TB pool
> of internal drives.  I believe the server hardware is not relevant
> to the JBOD issue, although the internal drives do appear to the
> OS with multipath device names (despite the fact that these
> internal drives are cabled up in a single-path configuration).  If
> anything, this does confirm that multipath is enabled in mpt_sas.conf
> via the mpxio-disable="no" directive (internal HBA's are LSI SAS,
> 2x 9201-16i and 1x 9211-8i).
> The JBOD is a SuperMicro 847E26-RJBOD1, with the front backplane
> daisy-chained to the rear backplane (both expanders).  Each of the two
> expander chains is connected to one port of an LSI SAS 9200-8e HBA.  So
> far, all this hardware has appeared as working for others and well-supported,
> and this 9200-8e is running the -IT firmware, version
> The drives are 40x of the WD4001FYYG SAS 4TB variety, firmware VR02.
> The spot-checks I've done so far seem to show that both device instances
> of a drive show up in "prtconf -Dv" with identical serial numbers and
> identical "devid" and "guid" values, so I'm not sure what might be
> missing to allow mpxio to recognize them as the same device.
> Has anyone out there got this type of hardware working?  In a multipath
> configuration?  Suggestions on mdb or dtrace code I can use to debug?
> Are there "secrets" to the internal daisy-chain cabling that our vendor
> is not aware of?
> Thanks and regards,
> Marion
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