My name is Markus and I living in germany. I'm new to this list and I have a simple question related to zfs. My favorite operating system is FreeBSD and I'm very happy to use zfs on them.

It's possible to enhance the properties in the current source tree with an entry like "protected"? I find it seems not to be difficult but I'm not an professional C programmer. For more information
please take a little bit of time and read my short post at


I have reviewed some pieces of the source code in FreeBSD 9.1 to find out how difficult it was to add an pool / filesystem property as an additional security layer for administrators.

Whenever I modify zfs pools or filesystems it's possible to destroy [on a bad day :-)] my data. A new property "protected=on|off" in the pool and/or filesystem can help the administrator for datalost (e.g. "zpool destroy tank" or "zfs destroy <tank/filesystem>" command will be rejected
when "protected=on" property is set).

It's anywhere here on this list their can discuss/forward this feature request? I hope you have
understand my post ;-)

Thanks and best regards,

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