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> Hi!
> My name is Markus and I living in germany. I'm new to this list and I have
> a simple question
> related to zfs. My favorite operating system is FreeBSD and I'm very happy
> to use zfs on them.
> It's possible to enhance the properties in the current source tree with an
> entry like "protected"?
> I find it seems not to be difficult but I'm not an professional C
> programmer. For more information
> please take a little bit of time and read my short post at
> http://forums.freebsd.org/**showthread.php?t=37895<http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=37895>
> I have reviewed some pieces of the source code in FreeBSD 9.1 to find out
> how difficult it was to
> add an pool / filesystem property as an additional security layer for
> administrators.
> Whenever I modify zfs pools or filesystems it's possible to destroy [on a
> bad day :-)] my data. A new
> property "protected=on|off" in the pool and/or filesystem can help the
> administrator for datalost
> (e.g. "zpool destroy tank" or "zfs destroy <tank/filesystem>" command will
> be rejected
> when "protected=on" property is set).
> It's anywhere here on this list their can discuss/forward this feature
> request? I hope you have
> understand my post ;-)
> Thanks and best regards,
> Markus

I think you're underestimating your English, it's quite good :)  In any
case, I think the proposal is a good one.  With the default behavior being
off, it won't break anything for existing datasets, and it can absolutely
help prevent a fat finger or a lack of caffeine ruining someone's day.

If the feature is already there somewhere, I'm sure someone will chime in.

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