On Friday, 14 March 2014 10:42:23 UTC+11, Bjoern Kahl wrote:
>  You can quite simply identify the stable MacZFS 74.3.3: 
>  The zfs.kext has the version number in its Info.plist file, ...

Thanks - good.
But would it be possible in the next release to swap the content of 
CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion?
Also, I couldn't find the same version info in 

Providing a useful numerical version number in CFBundleShortVersionString 
would allow to automatically deploy and update a MacZFS bundle using munki 
which by default compares these ShortVersionStrings to decide whether to 
update a bundle. And munki unfortunately is quite picky on how it evaluates 
version numbers - the current version string  of 'maczfs_74-3-3-0-ge37xf7b' 
certainly will not work ;)

> and also  logs it to the system log on kext load time. 
> Good to know.

>  All other binaries (zfs, zpool, the libraries, ...) have the full 
>  version info compiled in.  Simply do a 
>      strings _file_to_test_ | grep -e 'PROJECT:' 
>  For example, the zpool binary from MacZFS-74.3.3 would be identified as 
>     @(#)PROGRAM:zpool  PROJECT:maczfs_74-3-3-0-ge37cf7b 
> VERSION:74.3.3  BUILT:2014-02-19_01.19_+0100 
> That's great and exactly what I was looking for!


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