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Job Description      Build Release Engineer
*Location:*                 San Francisco,CA
*Length *                     6  Months

* Description:*
**The Build Release Engineer will be responsible for all software source
code, change control, configuration management, and build and deployment
process throughout the enterprise. The Build Release Engineer will also be
responsible for the development and code management and configuration of
multi-tier applications in a distributed Windows heterogeneous environment.
They will also develop and maintain application tools that build, deploy,
automate and streamline code management and product delivery process. The
individual must coordinate build schedules between Development teams, DBAs
and Operations, develop and improve build communication channels, and
develop, improve, and document build processes and procedures.
This individual must be able to support multiple code lines and build and
deliver frequent releases.

**Architecting tools to run and monitor an optimized, parallel, nightly and
on-demand build and deploy system across multiple development branches in
multiple environments. These tools will be instrumental in enabling
automated deployment of selected builds across multiple servers while
maximizing availability and minimizing build times.

• Design and develop the tools to allow efficient configuration management,
build and release of software developed in C#, XML, Visual Basic, .NET
Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Server databases, as well as, web based
infrastructure components.
• Proficient in developing with VB, C, C#, ASP, XML, ANT, Perl and MAKE
scripting utilities.
• Work with all areas of Development to ensure the build process is serving
the needs of the business.
• Performs program and system analysis. Reports build statistics.
• Manage build communication channels and document build procedures.
• Develops, Design and tests complex program logic.
• Provides technical consultation & proposes solutions.
• Maintains & enhances existing software.
• Perform multiple daily builds for multiple software releases.
• Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

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