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Change Management Lead - Active Directory

*background in networking (AD, Exchange, etc.)

 Complete Description:
The Change Management Lead will be working on Active Directory, MS Exchange
and Communicator.

Skills required:
Business process mapping skills (either in ARIS or in visio)
Independent worker; self-starter
Strong change management skills (helps if this person is familiar with
Prosci or other change methodology)
Strong communications skills
Able to handle confidentiality issues

Experience desired
Understand working for big company
Completed 2 or 3 similar projects in past
High "maturity" level Behavior Characteristics:

        Required / Desired Skills [image: Show/Hide][image: Show/Hide]
Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience Business process mapping
skills (either in ARIS or in visio) Required    Independent worker;
self-starter Required    Strong change management skills Required    Strong
communications skills Required    Able to handle confidentiality issues
Required    Change Management Methodology Required    MS Exchange Required
 Communicator Required
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Centerpiece Technologies, Inc

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