*This is anand from Sure IT Solutions.*

*We have a very Urgent Requirement for **Application Security Engineer.
Please let me know your comfort ability. Please reply me back with updated

*Please send profile and contact details to
[EMAIL PROTECTED]<http://b10.mail.yahoo.com/ym/businessintegra.com/[EMAIL 
* *

*Position: Application Security Engineer*
*Location:Rockville, MD *
*Duration: 18 Months*
*Skills: *

*Education:  Bachelor's degree in engineering or information systems.  MS

* *

*.Application Architecture:  Understand 3-tier architecture and the functional
components of each layer;*

* *

   - *Application Development:  5+ years hands-on experience in applications
   development (primarily web-based applications), with at least two of those
   years relating to database development.  *
   - *Experience should include substantial programming in Java, ASP/.Net,
   XML, and SQL.  *
   - *Additional experience in C/C++, PHP desirable.  *
   - *Experience with SOA, Web2.0 desirable.*
   - *Application Servers:  Experience with Tomcat, Oracle Application Server,
   WebSphere, etc.*
   - *Databases:  RDMS experience with Oracle and MS SQL Server.*
   - *Source Code Analysis:  Experience using Source Code analyzers/ByteCode
   Scanners (Fortify, Ounce, Coverity, Klocwork, Prefix/Prefast, Findbugs,
   FXCop) and evaluating results.*
   - *Web Vulnerability Detection:  Experience using Web Application
   Scanners (Watchfire, Cenzic, SPIDynamics, AppDetect) and evaluating results.
   - *Database Vulnerability Detection:  Experience using Database Scanners
   such as DbProtect/AppDetect, NGSS*
   - *Information and Application Security Concepts:  Familiar with
key concepts
   and frameworks such as OWASP, CVE, CVSS, etc.  Thorough understanding of
   and ability to explain and demonstrate common application vulnerabilities,
   including inadequate input validation, SQL injection, cross-site scripting,
   buffer overflow, etc.*
   - *General Skills:  Excellent analytical, organizational, time management
   and problem solving skills are essential.*

* *

*Thanks & Regards,*

* *


*Sure IT Solutions Inc.*

*Phone:(602)-490-0074; FAX: (866)-322-0121*

[EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>*, Y ! : anand.sureit*



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