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Here is hot requirement for* < Security Architect - Manassas, VA - 6 to 12
Months >.* Please let us know if you have any consultants available for the
earliest client submission.**

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*Position:* Security Architect

*Location:* Manassas, VA

*Duration:* 6 to 12 Months


   - The candidate will be responsible for the design, development, and
   testing of security systems for client / server web based application
   - The web based application architectures include web applications, web
   services, XSLT, and database operations.
   - The candidate must have experience in design and implementation of
   authentication, authorization, and auditing functions.
   - Responsibilities include protection of client data against unauthorized
   disclosure, accidental or intentional loss of data, or unauthorized
   modifications. Applicant must demonstrate the ability to work independently
   or under only general direction.
   - Effects of decisions are long-lasting and heavily influence the future
   course of the organization.
   - Errors in judgment or failure to achieve results would result in the
   expenditure of large amounts of staff resources.
   - Security designs must be consistent with customer specifications,
   standards, and objections.
   - Candidate must be able to demonstrate incorporation of standards in
   designs and implementations based on NIST and OMB publications on web
   - The applicant must be considered an expert in the security field.

*Skills are required in the following areas:*

Firewalls, proxy servers, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Access Manager,
SAML, IPSec, WS-Security, PKI, X.509, SSL, LDAP, IDS, Einstein, XACML, AES,
3DES, SHA-2, MD5, GPG, PGP, XAdES, XMLDsig, PKCS, CA, and RA.

*Job Qualifications:*

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college in a related discipline, or
equivalent experience / combined education, with 9 years of professional
experience; or 7 years of professional experience with a related Masters
Staffing - Manager

ConfiMinds, LLC.

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