Hello Associates,

 Hello Associates,

Raleigh, North Carolina 27605

 *From Date*: 11/15/2008 *To Date*: 5/15/2009

                         *****Consultants must be local to North
The Employment Security Commission is seeking a short term (6 month maximum)
contractor. The primary responsibility of this position is the
administration of the agency's Microsoft SQL Server databases. Duties
include all database administration and database design activities as they
apply to MS SQL Server.

*Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements*:

*Required Skills*

SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2005


ERwin (4.x or higher)

Query Analyzer

Enterprise Manager

Cluster Services

Big Brother (*not required*)

Hobbit (*not required*)

*• Minimum (7) years of recent professional experience as an *MS SQL Server
Database Administrator.*
• Expert administration skills with *MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005.*
• Expert with database/schema design. Professional experience with *data
modeling tools.
*• Expert with *SQL (DML and DDL) and Transact SQL*.
• Ability to assist development staff with writing T-SQL Stored Procedures,
Functions, and Packages by using best practices, standards, and
code-optimization techniques.
• Ability to create/replace insert/update/delete triggers.
• Expert with altering databases/schemas, including but not limited to
creating/altering tables, constraints, indexes, grants, and sequences.
• Ability to write *DDL and DML via command line tools* (OSQL etc.) as well
as *GUI tools (Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, etc).
*• Expert with change control.
• Ability to coordinate and implement database/schema changes to various
environments (Development, Test, Training, QA, and Production).
• Professional experience with clustered servers under *MS Cluster Services.
• Professional experience with Big Brother or Hobbit.
• Professional experience loading legacy data from mainframe systems (via
DTS, BCP, and/or scripting technologies (VBScript, JavaScript)
• Assist various projects with performance tuning *T-SQL Stored
Procedures*and SQL statements.
• Professional experience using *SQL Profiler*, and Query Analyzer, to
identify performance issues.
• Ability to assist other teams in stress-testing applications, locating
bottlenecks, and recommending solutions.
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

*• Professional experience with CA *ERwin (4.x or higher). *

*Thanks & Regards,*

Fazal Mahmood I Technical Recruiter
Kolansoft, INC
(: 201-377-1844 I Alt: 201-484-0340

Fax 7:201-656-6696.


Yahoo IMJ : fazal_kolansoft

Website: http://www.kolansoft.net

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