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This is my direct client opening for *Java Migration Developer Analyst* - *
Austin**, TX*. This is a long term contract position. The Hourly rate is

 *Job Duties:*

   1. Analyze , Plan , Design and Implement an enterprise level data
   migration involving movement of a combination of structured and unstructured
   data between various environments
   2. Create migration plans, functional design documents ,create  test
   strategies and other technical documents
   3. As a member of a Java/J2EE development team, complete requirements
   analysis, design, development, test and deployment of new application
   components, as required.
   4. Responsible for supporting and enhancing existing Java/J2EE based
   5. Work directly with a technical project manager, project architect,
   web/java developers, database developers, and system administrators.
   6. Create high-level migration plans, XML Schemas etc.
   7. Analyze software for configuration tuning opportunities.
   8. Perform system analysis and problem resolution.
   9. Develop and maintain data and process models
   10. Design, write code and perform unit test to ensure application code
   functions properly and without error.
   11. Provide technical support for testing and implementation efforts.
   12. Attend program design, coding and test walk-through meetings to
   provide input regarding adherence to technical standards and customer
   13. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements: *


7+ Years: Experience in the Information Technology industry

5+ Years: Working and developing applications on the Java based application
development platform for enterprise class projects.

5+ Years: Experience with ORACLE Databases including excellent command of
SQL, DML/DDL and other RDBMS concepts.

5+ Years: Coding languages and environments including but not limited to
Java, J2EE, EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), JSP (JavaServer Pages / Stored
Procedures),  JSF/Struts (JavaServer Faces, Apache Struts Framework),  XML
(extensible Markup Language), Spring, Hibernate and Oracle.

5+ Years: Excellent technical problem solving skills and programming ability

3+ Years: Hands on experience with enterprise level data migration, Data
extraction, ETL, Data Quality assessment and Cleansing, Data Integrity
verification and Information Reporting.

3+ Years: Development experience with implementing applications involving
WebSphere  Application Server, JSP (Java Servlets), LDAP (Lightweight
Directory Access Protocol), EJB, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), SQL
(Structured Query Language), and JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface).

3+ Years: Strong understanding and knowledge of the WebSphere/J2EE
architecture, EJB, UML (Unified Modeling Language), Patterns/Frameworks,
JDBC/ODBC (Oracle Database Connectivity), UML modeling & OOD
(Object-Oriented Design / Development) skills, and J2EE integration points
with external or third party products.

2+ Years: Hands on programming experience in Java 5

2+ Years: Web Services development experience (e.g. XML, SOAP (Simple Object
Access Protocol), WSDL (Web Services Description Language), and UDDI
(Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration).

Strong: Excellent oral and written communication skills

* Preferences:*


2+ Years: Content Management Concepts, familiarity with IBM Enterprise
Content Manager (ECM)

2+ Years: Familiarity with BPM concepts like Workflows, Queues, Tasks

 *Please complete the following skills-matrix and send back with your
updated resume.*

*Full Name:*

*Degree Major:*

*Total IT Exp:*

*Total **Business Objects exp:*

*Total exp of **Java based application development platform:*

*Total exp with ORACLE Databases including of SQL, DML/DDL and other RDBMS
concepts: please specify*

*Total programming exp of Java, J2EE:*

*Total EJB, JSP, JSF/Struts (JavaServer Faces, Apache Struts Framework) exp:
please specify*

*Total exp of XML, spring, Hibernate and Oracle: please specify*

*Total exp with enterprise level data migration, Data extraction, ETL, Data
Quality assessment and Cleansing, Data Integrity verification and
Information Reporting:*

*Total exp of WebSphere Application Server, LDAP, JDBC, and JNDI:*

*Total exp of WebSphere/J2EE architecture:*

*Total exp of UML, Patterns/Frameworks, JDBC/ODBC, UML modeling & OOD

*Total exp of J2EE integration points with external or third party products:

*Total exp of Web Services development (e.g. XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI):
please specify*

*Are you familiar with IBM Enterprise Content Manager (ECM):*

*Are you Familiar with BPM concepts like Workflows, Queues, and Tasks?*

*Hourly Rate: *

*Whether is it C2C/1099/W2? *

*Day Phone #:*

*Evening Phone #:*

*Cell Phone #:*


*Current City/State:*

*Have you applied recently for this requirement earlier through any one
else? Y/N*

 ** If you qualify for this position, are available immediately and are
interested, please send your resume, rate and contact information to *

*mailto:* [EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>*?subject=Java
Migration Developer Analyst - Austin, TX *

   - *Please ensure you complete and copy/paste the above-completed matrix
   with your response*

*Thanks and Regards*
*Tel: 714-857-2002 - Ext -823*
*Fax: 714-364-9705*


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