BCBSM IT Resource Request # 2667400
Role: Technology Specialist, Sr/2667400 (second submittal)
Location: Lyon Meadows Facility
Desired Start Date: 12/1/2008
Estimated End Date: 4/3/2009
Number of Positions: 1
Number of Resumes Being Accepted: 3
Resume window closes 11/18/2008 @ 3:00 PM. Resumes received after this 
date/time will not be accepted.   
Contract Resource: Skills and Experience Requirements:
•       Experience following and using the RUP or Agile methodology 
•       Candidate needs experience writing and/or maintaining: 
•       Software Architecture Documents (SAD) – defines the architecture of the 
•       Use Case Documents – defines the functional requirements 
•       Use Case Models – visually depicts the functional scope of the project 

•       Supplementary Specifications – defines non-functional requirements 
•       Candidate needs experience executing to the RUP or Agile software 
engineering process 
•       Understanding of difference between waterfall and non-waterfall 

•       Understanding of iterations 
•       Familiarity of what work is performed during Elaboration, Construction, 
and Transition (RUP) 
•       Architecting & designing concepts of Service Oriented Architecture 
•       Candidate needs experience with the following: 
•       Architecting the actual service itself not just a consumer of the 
•       Delivering the project that creates/maintains the service, on time and 
on budget 
•       Strong Problem Solving Skills 
•       Candidate needs experience with the following: 
•       Thinking on their feet 
•       Coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems 
•       Thinking out of the box 
•       Able to perform analysis on business processing and translate to a SOA 
•       Proven ability to interface with customer for requirements 

•       Candidate needs the following: 
•       Strong inter- and intra-personal skills 
•       Experience negotiating the scope and delivery of requirements across 
multiple consumers at the same time 
•       Strong experience designing and delivering projects on time and on 
budget (SOA projects preferred) 
•       Candidate needs the following: 
•       Experiencing delivering SOA service projects (not just consumer 
project) on time and on budget 
•       Experience with analysis of business processes and SOA Architecture 
•       Experience managing external vendors performing design, build, and test 
•       Candidate needs the following: 
•       Experience working with external vendors on firm, fixed price projects 
•       Experience negotiating with vendor on requirements and deliverables 
•       Experience working with vendor’s developers and technical leaders 
•       Unit, System, Integration, and Performance Testing experience 
•       Candidate needs the following: 
•       Strong experience ensuring complete coverage for unit tests 
•       Strong experience ensuring rigorous system and integration testing 
•       Strong experience ensuring SLAs can be met and performance requirements 
are tested for performance testing 
•       Experience managing performance requirements across multiple consumers 
given a single service 
•       Project Management skills, experience using Project management tools 
(e.g. MS Project) 
•       BCBSM is not looking for a Project Manager for this position 
•       Candidate needs the following: 
•       Experience developing and maintaining simple MS Project plans 
•       Experience estimating work effort 
•       Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
•       Candidate’s communication must be: 
•       Easy to understand 
•       Does not speak too quickly or too slowly 
•       Must understand spoken English 
•       Clearly communicates with team members and customers 
•       Strong listening skills 
•       Can communicate complicated things in a simple and straightforward 
•       Strong and clear written skills 
•       J2EE, XML, MQ, and JMS messaging 
•       Candidate needs to understand the following: 
•       J2EE 
•       EJBs (Session, MDB not Entity) – BCBSM web services are typically 
implemented as EJBs 
•       Strong Java development skills 
•       XML 
•       MQ 
•       Understanding of IBM MQ or other queue-based messaging system 
•       Understanding of how to create, read, and translate fixed-length string 
•       How to use messaging in a synchronous manner 
•       JMS 
•       Understanding of the lifecycle of messages in queues 
•       Understanding of queues vs. topics 
•       Understanding and experience using PVCS or other version control tool 
•       Candidate needs the following: 
•       Experience with check-in and check-out 
•       Experience creating projects in version control tool 
•       Experience with continuous integration environments 
Thanks & Regards
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