Hope you are doing well.

*Please send your responses to kame...@tvsinfotech.com*

Below is my client requirement;

*Job Title: .Net 3.0 / 3.5 guru***

*Location:  Redlands, CA  *

*Duration:  6-12 months*

Experience:  7-8 years needed

*Must have skills*

   - SilverLight 2.0
   - XAML, routed events, dependency objects, WPF!!!, not the usual
   - Win/Web Forms in C# or VB.Net, or in WPF using XAML and (C# or VB.net )

Need a kind-of developer - not just the usual C# with ASP.Net and
Win/WebForms, but someone who truly understands and has used several of the
newer language features of C#, [generics, lambda expressions, anonymous
delegates, LINQ, closures], and WPF [composite controls, data binding,
routed events]. Someone who can push the power and productivity implied by
the .Net framework, and loves building awesome applications. At least 1.5,
preferably 2.5 years of hard core C# based .Net 3+ development.

   - This person will also have to bone up quickly on relevant pieces of
   ArcObjects - any prior knowledge of that would be a bonus, otherwise we need
   the ability to adapt and learn quickly.
   - The person must be proficient in UML and have excellent communication
   - The person must be able to quickly break down larger problems into
   subsets and tasks.
   - The person must show adherence to coding/design guidelines.
   - The person must have a working knowledge of design patterns.
   - Any experience with conducting code reviews is a plus.
   - Any knowledge of or working with concurrency and parallelism is a plus.
   - Any experience with WCF and/or WF is a plus.
   - Any experience working in a start-up like atmosphere is a plus.

The person must be aware of threading issues to the extent that they cause
GUIs to go non-responsive and how to avoid those.

*Thanks & Regards*

*Kamesh K*

*TVS Infotech Inc.,*

*1762 Technology Drive** Suit 201 *

*San Jose**, CA 95110***

*408 - 512 - 2044 X 314*



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